The Extra on We Never Land

Sonic Boom are heading east for the Edinburgh Fringe — and saying who needs money when the internet can bring you love?

Theatre duo Kenny Boyle and Clare Sheppard are returning to the Fringe for a second year, this time for a full month’s run of We Never Land.

Kenny, from Giffnock, told The Extra: “It’s a one woman show, written and directed by myself and starring Clare.

“On the surface, it’s about a girl who has stolen a priceless work of art and is hiding in her gran’s attic waiting on the authorities to arrive.

“Really, it’s about being artistic, about mental health and about love and friendship — it’s a comedy for the most part, but with moments of poignancy.”

It’s a first for each of the Sonic Boom founders, with Kenny writing by himself and Clare taking to the stage alone — but both are excited to set up stall at the arts festival.

So excited, in fact, that they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign — but one that doesn’t want a penny of your hard-earned cash.

Kenny explained: “A lot of people seem to to think that all you need is money and then everything will be fine, but it’s not the most important thing — to us, that’s about making real connections with people.

“We started up the Kickstarter as a way to make friends. There’s an option to donate because you can’t set it up without that, but really it’s about people spreading the word.

“We’re networking, but by subverting Kickstarter and hijacking it to our own ends.”

Sonic Boom’s Our Kickstarter Doesn’t Want Your Money project may pay off for a Glasgow landmark too, as any money they do received will be donated to help restore the Glasgow School of Art building recently destroyed by fire.

And if that isn’t enough to make Edinburgh audiences feel the love, the duo are also holding a poetry and art competition, and will be incorporating the three best poems and best artwork submitted into a booklet, to be given out for free at every show.

We Never Land runs at C Nova (India Buildings) on Victoria Street from July 30 until August 25. For info on dates, times, the Kickstarter campaign or submitting to the competition, visit