Plays Co-written by Kenny Boyle

Tragic Magic

Michael Neto Tragic Magic

By Kenny Boyle, Clare Sheppard and Michael Neto – 2014

What do you do when you have to choose between the thing you love and the one you love?

Life hasn’t quite worked out the way he planned for Alan Sparks. Dreams of Vegas quickly gave way to bratty children’s parties and corporate events, but magic is the only life he’s ever known and his big break is finally just around the corner.

So what does he do now his long suffering fiancé decides enough is enough: it’s her or magic?

A hilarious and touching one man show fusing magic and theatre, Tragic Magic stars 4 time Scottish Champion of close up magic, Michael Neto (“Jaw-dropping *****”) and is written and directed by Sonic Boom Theatre Company (“The quality of writing is distinguished ****”). An allegiance which promises to bring you the very best of new Scottish Theatre with the most impressive magic. Not to be missed!


flyer front

By Kenny Boyle and Clare Sheppard – 2013

Forever is a heartfelt glimpse into the relationship of Stephen and Vicky, set on the day of Stephen’s wedding… to another woman. When ex-girlfriend Vicky bursts in on nervous groom Stephen, just moments before the arrival of the bride to be, the two have only minutes to find closure on the most significant and painful relationship of their lives, while the waiting guests grow more and more impatient outside the church.

A site specific piece set in C-Venues’ church space, C-Too, in 2013 director Ben Harrison used the church to its full potential. Audiences were welcomed as guests at the wedding, seated by ushers and given an allegiance to either bride or groom (silly wedding hats optional) while Steven’s life unfured around them, his future hanging in the balance as he had only minutes to make the biggest decision of his life.

Funny, sweet, and just a little heart-breaking: ‘Forever’ promises it will never leave you… unless something better comes along.

Starring Clare Sheppard, Kenny Boyle and Darren Thorpe, “Forever” is the 4th original play from Sonic Boom Theatre Company, an emerging Scottish company who pride themselves on bringing high quality new writing to the Scottish theatre scene.

Scott Miller is a Lying Cheat

Scott Miller

By Kenny Boyle and Clare Sheppard – 2013

bored by the tedium of his relatively happy little life and suffering from a lack of drama Scott does what any man would do…

Only really he does three of what any man would do.

And calling them whats instead of girls is probably a little bit offensive.. at best.

Fresh from a sold out runs during the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, Scott Miller is a Lying Cheat is HERE!
Described as achingly funny and horrifyingly relatable Scott Miller is a comedy experience not to be missed!

Hang out with Scott as he tries to come to a decision about the girls of his twisted little dreams and sort his life out. But don’t get attached… he may be funny, he may at times be charming, he may even border on cute, but never forget….deep down, Scott Miller is a lying cheat!

How to Catch a Cat Burglar

Cat burglar

By Kenny Boyle and Clare Sheppard – 2012

Our sold out comedy festival show How to Catch a Cat Burglar!

What do you do when you walk in on a burglar in your house? You’re allowed to defend yourself, right? But what if you end up with a burglar tied to a chair in your room, threatening to charge you with assault and unlawful imprisonment? And what’s worse, what if your flatmate walks in and develops a bit of a crush on him?

How to Catch a Cat Burglar is the hilarious premier of Sonic Boom’s brand new comedy play. From the company that brought you last year’s sell out hit Scott Miller is a Lying Cheat (“An absolutely genius piece of comedy from Sonic Boom”; “This immensely engaging comedy doesn’t let a minute go by without a hilarious quip or observational witticism.”) and the recent revival of Still Game at the Tron Theare, this laugh out loud play is not to be missed.

No Time has passed in Hippoland

Hippoland Poster

By Kenny Boyle and Clare Sheppard – 2010

Jane, Robbie and Kate don’t miss each other. It’s been years since they’ve really spoken. As siblings go they can’t be described as close. But now their terminally ill father has a request for them, one that might strain the already fragile bonds of their family to the point of breaking. The topic of euthanasia and mercy killings is one that exercises the minds of many. No Time Has Passed in Hippoland tells the story of the difficult choices that families are faced with and how it affects those who will be left behind.