Another 4 stars from the Outlier for Hero Worship

Another Outlier reivewer enjoyed Hero Worship in it’s Fringe show form!

Review: Hero Worship

Sonic Boom Theatre Company
C Venues until August 29th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

Hero Worship is an action-packed monologue by Kenny Boyle. With it being a monologue, how could it be action-packed? It is, when the battle is with one’s inner demons.

As audience members stream in, Boyle is already suited up in heroic gear—clunky boots, spandex, a mask, and no cape because “you know the rules”. He starts the show recalling his lamentable week and already proves that he is as average as the rest of humanity. Through the telling of his journey to become a superhero and a newfound friendship with a puppy called Found, he invites the audience to imagine with him what lies beyond the bare stage and reality. And then as he discovers a new ally in a young woman who does not think him a loser for being into graphic novels, he rediscovers what it means to be a superhero.

It is exciting and entertaining to be in the same room as Boyle. He is personable and charismatic and does not underestimate the value of a character attempting to break from mundanity and mediocrity. Everyone loves an underdog. Furthermore, frequent audience interaction is an effective reminder of the concept’s silliness. Unfortunately, there are moments, particularly those of vulnerability and sadness, that seem contrived. The words, however poignant, do not hit as hard when the acting signposts the emotions, and this breaks the otherwise genuine and intimate feel of the piece.

All in all, Hero Worship by Sonic Boom Theatre Company is definitely worth a catch, for those who love comics, or would like a good reminder of his or her own extraordinariness. Boyle has successfully woven reality into fantasy with his solo act.